Human papillomavirus infection can cause various cancers and can be prevented through vaccination. The American Cancer Society has set an HPV vaccination completion target in 13-year-old children t…
Public health campaigns aim to promote awareness, increase knowledge, and encourage a target population to adopt desirable attitudes and behaviors. Assessing their reach from a multidimensional perspective thr…
The study aimed to characterize the prevalence of alcohol consumption and further investigate the relationship between alcohol consumption and type 2 diabetes mellitus .
Body image is the main element of an individual’s personality that may be influenced by many factors during menopause. We aimed to assess the relationship between postmenopausal women’s body image with the sev…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1633
Salameh et al. developed the Lebanese Waterpipe Dependence Scale that assesses nicotine dependence among adult waterpipe smokers. In view of the high waterpipe use among Lebanese youth and other neig…
Authors: Maissa Al-Adhami, Katarina Hjelm, Josefin Wångdahl and Elin C. Larsson
Authors: Liselotte Schäfer Elinder, Camilla A. Wiklund, Åsa Norman, Nouha Saleh Stattin, Susanne Andermo, Emma Patterson, Erik Hemmingsson, Clayton Cook, Sara Raposo and Lydia Kwak
Authors: Andrew M. Rosenblatt, Deidra C. Crews, Neil R. Powe, Alan B. Zonderman, Michele K. Evans and Delphine S. Tuot
According to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal target 3.4, premature mortality from four non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabe…
Migrants face structural, socio-political barriers in their resettlement processes that negatively affect their health. Migration also adversely impacts resources such as social capital and health literacy tha…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1626
Authors: Amanda K. Walch, Kathryn A. Ohle, Kathryn R. Koller, Lucinda Alexie, Flora Sapp, Timothy K. Thomas and Andrea Bersamin
Authors: Xueyan Wu, Xiaotian Liu, Wei Liao, Ning Kang, Xiaokang Dong, Tanko Abdulai, Zhihan Zhai, Chongjian Wang, Xiaoqiong Wang and Yuqian Li
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1629
Epidemiological theory and many empirical studies support the hypothesis that there is a protective effect of male circumcision against some sexually transmitted infections . However, there is a paucity …
Female household heads are faced with more problems than men due to their multiple concurrent roles. The present study was conducted to determine the relationship of supportive roles with mental health and sat…
Speed 85 days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only 51 days to first decision for all manuscripts 198 days from submission to acceptance 19 days from acceptance to publication
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1627
The long-term growth and sustained high prevalence of obesity in the US is likely to increase the burden of Type 2 diabetes. Hispanic individuals are particularly burdened by a larger share of diabetes than no…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1630
In the last three decades, Ghana has championed the objectives of Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiatives to provide pregnant women and nursing mothers with the skills and support systems necessary for attaining op…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1641
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1603
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A growing literature has drawn attention to the central role that schools play in supporting the adjustment of resettled refugee youth and promoting their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. In particula…
Authors: Ying Qian, Wei Xie, Jidi Zhao, Ming Xue, Shiyong Liu, Lei Wang, Wanglai Li, Luojia Dai and Yuyang Cai
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1640
Authors: Karolien Adriaens, Dinska Van Gucht, Sven Van Lommel and Frank Baeyens
Due to the Corona Virus Disease 2019 , the Belgian government set out a range of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. One measure included closing all non-food shops, including vape shops.
The first half of 2020 has been marked as the era of COVID-19 pandemic which affected the world globally in almost every aspect of the daily life from societal to economical. To prevent the spread of COVID-19,…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1642
Authors: Li Jing, Yuanmeng Tian, Guocheng Ren, Limin Zhang, Lei Shi, Dong Dai, Liying Xing and Shuang Liu
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1599
Experiences of HIV stigma remain prevalent across Canada, causing significant stress and negatively affecting the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV. While studies have consistently demonstrated th…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1624
Authors: Souheil Hallit, Sahar Obeid, Hala Sacre and Pascale Salameh
Authors: Bob Erens, Lorraine Williams, Josephine Exley, Stefanie Ettelt, Tommaso Manacorda, Shakoor Hajat and Nicholas Mays
Authors: Anabela Marisa Azul, Ricardo Almendra, Marta Quatorze, Adriana Loureiro, Flávio Reis, Rui Tavares, Anabela Mota-Pinto, António Cunha, Luís Rama, João Oliveira Malva, Paula Santana and João Ramalho-Santos
Authors: Luthfi Azizatunnisa’, Utsamani Cintyamena, Yodi Mahendradhata and Riris Andono Ahmad
Authors: Faheem Ahamed, Subhashini Ganesan, Anila James and Walid Abbas Zaher
Authors: Mohtasham Ghaffari, Sakineh Rakhshanderou, Mohammad Asadpour, Mostafa Nasirzadeh and Leili Mazar
Previous research has examined individual-level and place characteristics as correlates of subjective wellbeing, with many studies concluding that individual factors are more strongly r…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1610
Authors: Nooshin Shadabi, Sara Esmaelzadeh Saeieh, Mostafa Qorbani, Touran Bahrami Babaheidari and Zohreh Mahmoodi
Authors: Wen-Hsuan Hou, Yi-Chin Huang, Chien-Yeh Lu, I-Chen Chen, Pei-Chen Lee, Ming-Yeng Lin, Yu-Chen Wang, Lilis Sulistyorini and Chung-Yi Li
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1604
Oral and dental health has a significant impact on public health as well as the quality of life among individuals and families. This study aims to design, implement, and evaluate an intervention based on the P…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1602

IMPROVE aims to conduct a hybrid type 3 evaluation design to test the effectiveness of bundled implementation strategies on intervention fidelity of the Healthy School Start program, while simultaneously…
This study was done as part of a larger study that aims to identify the most impactful and cost-effective strategies for the prevention and control of overweight and obesity in Kenya. Our objective was to invo…
Authors: Lili Liu, Ling Wang, Chang Qi, Yuchen Zhu, Chunyu Li, Yan Jia, Kaili She, Tingxuan Liu, Yan Zhang, Feng Cui and Xiujun Li
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1617
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1618
Within-household transmission of Covid-19 is responsible for a significant number of infections. Efforts to protect at risk communities are needed. This study explored the acceptability of offering accommodati…
Authors: Hamid Jafaralilou, Arman Latifi, Mehdi Khezeli, Atefeh Afshari and Farahnaz Zare
Hand-foot-mouth disease is a global public health issues, especially in China. It has threat the health of children under 5 years old. The early recognition of high-risk districts and understanding of e…
Authors: Sarah Denford, Kate Morton, Jeremy Horwood, Rachel de Garang and Lucy Yardley
Citation Impact 3.295 –  2-year Impact Factor 4.003 –  5-year Impact Factor 1.656 –  Source Normalized Impact per Paper 1.230 – SCImago Journal Rank
Authors: Grosso Francesca Maria, Presanis Anne Margaret, Kunzmann Kevin, Jackson Chris, Corbella Alice, Grasselli Giacomo, Andreassi Aida, Bodina Annalisa, Gramegna Maria, Castaldi Silvana, Cereda Danilo and De Angelis Daniela
Lockdown policies were widely adopted during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic to control the spread of the virus before vaccines became available. These policies had significant economic impact…
Authors: Helle Terkildsen Maindal, Anne Timm, Inger Katrine Dahl-Petersen, Emma Davidsen, Line Hillersdal, Nanna Husted Jensen, Maja Thøgersen, Dorte Møller Jensen, Per Ovesen, Peter Damm, Ulla Kampmann, Christina Anne Vinter, Elisabeth Reinhardt Mathiesen and Karoline Kragelund Nielsen
Women with prior gestational diabetes mellitus are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes; however, this risk can be reduced by engaging in positive health behaviours e.g. public health articles 2020 healthy diet and regular ph…
Hypertension remains the major modifiable risk factor of stroke recurrence. The study aimed to determine the up-to-date epidemiological features of hypertension among the survivors of ischemic stroke.
Authors: Soheila Nazarpour, Masoumeh Simbar, Hamid Alavi Majd, Zahra Jafari Torkamani, Khadijeh Dodel Andarvar and Fatemeh Rahnemaei
Authors: April K. Wilhelm, Maria Schwedhelm, Martha Bigelow, Nicole Bates, Mikow Hang, Luis Ortega, Shannon Pergament and Michele L. Allen
Repeat abortion is a significant public health problem in China. International knowledge about repeat abortion and its associated factors in Chinese women is scarce. This study aimed to analyze the prevalence …
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1644
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Authors: Ibrahim Mahmoud and Nabil Sulaiman
Authors: Laura Tinner, Caroline Wright, Jon Heron, Deborah Caldwell, Rona Campbell and Matthew Hickman
The aim of this study is to quantify the hospital burden of COVID-19 during the first wave and how it changed over calendar time; to interpret the results in light of the emergency measures introduced to manag…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1622
In the current COVID-19 pandemic, the world has reached an important milestone where vaccinations are discovered and are proven to be effective against SARS-COV-2 infections. Though vaccines against COVID-19 a…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1645
Authors: Eoin McElroy, Mathew Ashton, Anne Marie Bagnall, Terence Comerford, Mick McKeown, Praveetha Patalay, Andy Pennington, Jane South, Tim Wilson and Rhiannon Corcoran
Sustaining an effective evidence-based health intervention will maximize its impact on public health. Political and governmental reforms impacted on immunization program sustainability both positively and nega…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1634
Neighborhood social cohesion is the network of relationships as well as the shared values and norms of residents in a neighborhood. Higher NSC has been associated with improved cardiovascular health, lar…
Authors: Jacqueline Nkrumah, Aaron Asibi Abuosi and Rodney Buadi Nkrumah
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1619
Hot weather leads to increased illness and deaths. The Heatwave Plan for England aims to protect the population by raising awareness of the dangers of hot weather, especially for those most vulnerable. I…
Authors: Alexis Sentís, Albert Prats-Uribe, Evelin López-Corbeto, Marcos Montoro-Fernandez, Daniel Kwakye Nomah, Patrícia Garcia de Olalla, Lilas Mercuriali, Núria Borrell, Víctor Guadalupe-Fernández, Juliana Reyes-Urueña and Jordi Casabona
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1635
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1639
Although pain has been identified as an important public health problem among adolescents, few studies have investigated possible protective and risk factors for pain. The main aim of the present study was to …
Social stigma against persons infected with COVID-19 is not uncommon. This qualitative study aimed to explore the experience of social stigma among COVID-19 positive patients and their family members.
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1631
Authors: Sanni Yaya, Emmanuel Kolawole Odusina, Nicholas Kofi Adjei and Olalekan A. Uthman
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1614
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1636
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sexually transmitted infections were increasing in Europe, and Spain and Catalonia were not an exception. Catalonia has been one of the regions with the highest number of C…
BMC Public Health public health articles 2020 Articles
BMC Public Health public health articles 2020 Articles
Authors: Vimalanand S. Prabhu, Neha Bansal, Zhiwen Liu, Rodney Finalle, Martin Sénécal, Smita Kothari, Kemar Trowers and Evan Myers
Authors: He-Yan Li, Yue-Ming Liu, Li Dong, Rui-Heng Zhang, Wen-Da Zhou, Hao-Tian Wu, Yi-Fan Li, Ya-Xing Wang and Wen-Bin Wei
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1637
Authors: Norman Rose, Claudia Matthäus-Krämer, Daniel Schwarzkopf, André Scherag, Sebastian Born, Konrad Reinhart and Carolin Fleischmann-Struzek
Authors: Jason M. Lo Hog Tian, James R. Watson, Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco, Billy Tran, Janet A. Parsons, Robert G. Maunder, Kiffer G. Card, Stefan Baral, Christian Hui, Anthony R. Boni, Monisola Ajiboye, Joanne D. Lindsay and Sean B. Rourke
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1623
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1608
Authors: Chen Li, Jianmin Gao and Jinlin Liu
Authors: Chii-Chii Chew, Xin-Jie Lim, Chee-Tao Chang, Philip Rajan, Nordin Nasir and Wah-Yun Low
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1609
Authors: Li Liu, Yanxia Li, Junmin Song, Qian Chen, Shuang Li, Huijuan Mu, Jun Na, Rui Zhang, Liya Yu, Wei Sun and Guowei Pan
Authors: Kerensa Govender, Sarah Girdwood, Daniel Letswalo, Lawrence Long, G. Meyer-Rath and J. Miot
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1616
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1613
To evaluate global burden of refraction disorders by year, age, region, gender, socioeconomic status and other national characteristics in terms of disability adjusted life years and prevalence from Gl…
Authors: Kristin Haraldstad and Tonje Holte Stea
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1625
Authors: Lindsay Stark, Mackenzie V. Robinson, Alli Gillespie, Jeremy Aldrich, Wafa Hassan, Michael Wessells, Carine Allaf and Cyril Bennouna
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1607
Authors: Konstantinos F. Xylogiannopoulos, Panagiotis Karampelas and Reda Alhajj
Physical distancing is an important public health strategy to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and has been promoted by public health authorities through social media. Although youth have a tendency to…
To investigate the level of and covariates associated with ambient air pollution health literacy among adult residents of Taiwan.
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1646
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1611
Authors: Rafael de Morais Pinto, Ricardo Alexsandro de Medeiros Valentim, Lyrene Fernandes da Silva, Thaísa Góis Farias de Moura Santos Lima, Vivekanandan Kumar, Carlos Alberto Pereira de Oliveira, Cristine Martins Gomes de Gusmão, Jailton Carlos de Paiva and Ion de Andrade
Sepsis is a substantial health care burden. Data on regional variation in sepsis incidence in Germany and any possible associations with regional socioeconomic deprivation and health care capacity is lacking.
Preterm birth is a risk factor for child survival in both the short and long term. In Zimbabwe, the prevalence of preterm birth is rising, and there are growing concerns about the adverse consequences. This st…
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1638
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1595
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1649
Too long work hours of Japanese school teachers, along with an increasing number of teachers taking leave due to mental illness, are well known and recognized as a serious social problem. In order to prevent t…
The use of electronic media is widespread among young people and is a potential tool for the perpetration of intimate-partner violence towards women. The aim of this study is to validate two questions fo…
In national public health surveys including those assessing sexual and reproductive health, migrants generally tend to be underrepresented due to cultural, linguistic, structural and legal barriers, minimising…
Authors: Wafa Dhouib, Imen Zemni, Meriem Kacem, Cyrine Bennasrallah, Manel Ben Fredj, Hela Abroug, Samia Grira, Maha Mastouri and Asma Sriha Belguith
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1632
Authors: Lara Shiu-yi Ho, Ruwan Ratnayake, Rashid Ansumana and Hannah Brown
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1615
Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21 :1606
Waterpipe is one of the oldest methods of tobacco smoking, which has become the public health challenge, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Iran. This study aimed to investigate the wate…
The proposed National Health Insurance system aims to re-engineer primary healthcare in South Africa, envisioning both private sector providers and public sector clinics as independent contracting .. health articles about sleep 2021 .