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All Women's Health Articles women's health articles 2020 Everyday Health
All Women’s Health Articles women’s health articles 2020 Everyday Health

8 Ways to Find Some Me Time When Overbooked Is Your Norm A number of factors make it difficult for one-quarter of American women to get the downtime their bodies crave for emotional well-being and health. To start finding time for you, just stop, breathe, and try one or all of these tips. By Maura Corrigan April 30, 2021 To Boost Your Sex Life, Try Getting Better Sleep Midlife women who report insufficient sleep quality tend to have higher rates of sexual dysfunction, research finds. By Meryl Davids Landau April 21, 2021 Hypertension Symptoms Often Mistaken for Menopause in Middle-Aged Women New research shows that many middle-aged women may be living with undiagnosed hypertension because symptoms of the condition are mistakenly attributed to menopause. By Lisa Rapaport March 15, 2021 A High-Fiber Diet May Help Lower Depression Risk Eating more fiber-rich foods may promote mental well-being in women, new research suggests. Learn how a fiber-rich diet may help prevent depression. By Becky Upham January 12, women’s health articles 2020 2021 Migraine: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know New findings suggest that ob-gyns and internists have significant knowledge gaps that could compromise the care of women with this debilitating condition. By Stacey Colino January 08, 2021 Study Explores Promising New Approach for Treating Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Premenstrual dysphoric disorder triggers mood swings, irritability, anger, and other symptoms which are severe enough to negatively impact usual life activities. More treatment options are needed. By Meryl Davids Landau December 11, 2020 Affordable Birth Control: Where and How to Find It, Today and Tomorrow Contraception accessibility is at stake as some women women may lose the free birth control health insurance benefit. Stay informed. By Cheryl Alkon November 25, 2020 20 Self-Care Gifts Every Health-Conscious Woman Should Buy Herself Self-care is the gift that keeps giving. From tech-savvy vibrators to skin-care essentials, here’s a list of wellness goodies that every health-conscious woman should buy herself. Don’t worry, there’s a gift for every area of your life. By Catherine Pearson November 25, 2020 Birth Control Pills May Reduce Risk of Severe Asthma By Cathy Garrard November 23, 2020 See More NEWSLETTERS Sign up for our Women’s Health Newsletter! Enter your email Subscribe By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy .
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