Annual government reports on the solvency of the programs underscored the questions about the long-term viability of Social Security and Medicare.
Most Americans want to stay at home when they’re sick or aging. The U.S. should make it possible.

The administration endorses a proposal for the government to negotiate on prices for all U.S. purchasers, not just Medicare.
By Alan Rappeport and Margot Sanger-Katz
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to propose increasing the National Insurance tax to bolster social care services. health insurance articles 2020
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Medicaid expansion is expected to improve not just access to care for low-income Native Americans who had previously been shut out of health insurance, but the finances of the Indian Health Service.
Five committees started drafting the components of Democrats’ far-reaching legislation in an arduous process that could take several days.
Some Covid-19 treatment won’t be free anymore.
Clinton Portis was among 15 people who pleaded guilty in a scheme to bilk an insurance fund that repays retired players for out-of-pocket medical care expenses.
As some insurers focus on encouraging vaccination, temporary waivers that kept patient costs low are expiring.
Health Insurance and health insurance articles 2020 Managed CareHealth Insurance and health insurance articles 2020 Managed Care
Search Search Clear this text input Biden’s Vaccine Push: What You Need to Know President Biden announced a plan that mandates vaccines for federal employees and workers and calls on schools to adopt vaccine requirements, among other things. health articles english online