Party leaders hoping to pass the infrastructure and social policy bills in tandem look to a similar maneuver from 2010 that secured the Affordable Care Act.
A series of studies in an influential medical journal takes a close look at longstanding gaps in medical care.
A $16 billion effort to modernize health records at the Department of Veterans Affairs ran into major problems in its first installation, two watchdog reports say.
For some students, their parents’ coverage may be the better choice. The Affordable Care Act is also an option. Here are the pros and cons of the various plans.
By Niraj Chokshi, Margot Sanger-Katz and Tara Siegel Bernard
Search Search Clear this text input Teachers, Police, Other Public Workers Left Out of Mental Health Coverage Health plans for state and local workers can opt out of the federal law requiring them to treat mental health like other medical conditions. health care articles 2021
Charging unvaccinated workers more for health coverage may seem more appealing than a mandate but could be harder to carry out.
Republicans in Congress have largely abandoned efforts to repeal the law. With the latest Supreme Court ruling, health policy now shifts to new territory.
The increase points to the program’s growing role not just as a safety net, but also as a foundation of U.S. health coverage.
Twelve states have refused to expand Medicaid, leaving millions of poor Americans without health coverage and Democrats divided over how to respond.
Health Care Reform health care articles 2021Health Care Reform health care articles 2021

The Supreme Court’s latest ruling moved the country’s debate over health policy into a new phase. Tough questions await both parties. health articles on sleep disorders