Military men need a bulletproof or ballistic vest for added protection. In a battlefield where canons fly in from all directions, this dyneema body armour provides complete protection. Army men provide round-the-year demand for these products. Even cops and other security personnel also make demand for these products on certain occasions. There is a lot of stake involved with these vests. They can save a life, and hence, the manufacturers make sure that they are completely fail-safe and suffer from no inherent defect. Therefore, most companies test these products thoroughly before supplying them to the soldiers.A dyneema bullet proof vest guards the torso region. It is worn in an area where most of our vital organs are located. So, these vests do a great deal in providing protection and the wearer is proffered ample amount of protection. For instance, if the soldier is hit by a bullet on his chest or on his stomach, the vest can act as a savior. In the absence of such a safety gear, the person would meet almost an instantaneous death especially if the bullet hits the vital areas where heart, lungs and kidneys are located. While dyneema body armour does not completely eliminate the possibility of death, the chances are cut down immensely. The torso of a man takes up the maximum body area and in majority of cases, the person gets hit in that region. In such an eventuality, full protection is guaranteed. However, just in case, the bullet strikes the face or the head, then the person may still suffer from death. These vests also offer protection against other kinds of weapons and weaponry. Furthermore, they do not hamper the mobility of the wearer. The special material used in the vest ensures that the wearer can move about freely and quickly. A soldier needs quick legs and full flexibility of movement, since he may have to change his position at very short notice. If he is handicapped due to heavy vests, then the whole purpose of protection would be defeated. Therefore, alumina ceramic is used in the manufacture of dyneema bullet proof vest. It ensures lightness and doesn’t put additional burden. Quick movement is facilitated along with high speed.One more advantage of donning a bulletproof vest is that it can act as a camouflage. Usually, the design and pattern are such that they mimic the surroundings thereby concealing the wearer from the scanning eyes of the enemy to quite an extent. Also, most of these gadgets are equipped with strategically designed pockets which are extremely handy. The soldiers use them to keep reserve bullets or instruments like pen knives. This dyneema body armour is available in a wide range. They differ in quality as well and come with varying features. It is important to carefully check out your requirements before giving your orders. Overall, the various benefits and advantages offered by these protective gears make them excellent safety devices. The life of a human, even if he is an army-man, is valuable and it is vital to given him as much protection as possible.

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