EA7 sneakers real vs fake. How to spot fake Emporio Armani shoes

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The Armani Group values its customers and is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products.
It is therefore a consumer’s fundamental right to receive all necessary guarantees on the authenticity of the item purchased and that it possesses all of the characteristics associated with said guarantee of authenticity.
Starting from the Fall Winter 2018-2019 season, the Armani Group has adopted a new Brand Protection solution for Emporio Armani and EA7 apparel, which will progressively be extended to all lines, in an effort to protect consumers and the Group from counterfeiting.
Every garment comes with a special identification code called Certilogo: the certification service can be accessed by anyone from a PC, tablet or smartphone in order to verify the authenticity of a product.
The immediate and easy-to-use service is available in eight languages ​​and can be activated both prior to and following the purchase, including products purchased online.

An important check to make when verifying the garment is to check the logo, as the two labels are distinct in what they use. Armani Exchange is denoted by the signature A|X logo, and this is the only logo used on genuine A|X clothing; it is important to note that the Armani Eagle is never used on this line. The A|X may be stylised with the separator at different angles, it is not restricted to having the separator at a vertical stand.

On Emporio Armani items, the Armani Eagle is often used. However, naturally the A|X logo is not used on Emporio. So, if your prospective purchase’s tags say Armani Exchange but use the eagle anywhere on the garment or its tags, it is likely a counterfeit. Likewise if it says Emporio Armani and has the A|X logo; leave it on the rack.

Older Armani items often bore the logo of SiminT SpA on the laundry tags as the manufacturer. Post-2002 items should bear the signature of G.A. Operations SpA. If neither of these names are present, be suspicious. Something else to note with A|X is that if the country of manufacture says Italy it is probably fake, as only the higher end Armani brands feature items made in Italy. Common places of manufacture are China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh