I say no. If we really want to create something new in life, it simply makes sense to work out what that is, and then create a structure to constantly remind yourself.

To keep it real. To keep you inspired, motivated.
I’m happy to be able to share this great article from a client of mine which suggests how to do just that…..


..even if it is only in your head it will soon be in your life.
A while back I was focused on all that was lacking in my life. My focus each morning as I woke seemed to gravitate to all I didn’t have and all I didn’t want to have happen. I struggled and struggled until one day it hit me. I was separated from what I truly desired in life in fact I didn’t even know what I wanted I had no vision – nothing to desire.

You see those feelings of stress and worries were a sign. A sign letting me know that what I was focussed on was not bringing me peace in my life. This focus on the lack in my life was zapping me of the energy needed to be creative and to seize the opportunities that lay before me.

The day I made that agreement with myself was the day I realized that I had a choice in where I place my focus. When my focus was on what I was lacking I would feel stress and worry where as when my focus was on what I desired I felt feelings of peace within myself. This taught me the importance of having a vision. For when I continued to focus on my dreams and picture those dreams coming true in my life the feeling of peace evolved into excitement and passion to seize the moment I had in front of me.

When we are focused on our dreams we have no room in our minds for thoughts of worry. Our vision creates positive thoughts, and therefore positive feelings. Your vision is your guide that will lead you to all that is possible in life. All a vision needs is some nurturing and it will then nurture you.

This is your time to create a vision in your life. Think of what is important to you and what you want to see come into your life and then do the following exercises.

Exercise One: Dedicate one hour to yourself. Find a quiet place preferably near nature, a park, the beach or under a big tree. With a piece of paper write down what you want in your life. If you have troubles thinking of what you want then split the paper in half with a line down the middle, on one side list what you don’t want. From there you can put the opposite on the other side of the line.
Once you determine what you want then list the feelings you associate with accepting those wants into your life. How will you feel when these things come into your life? This is key because it is the feelings that will bring greatness to your life. From here take a few moments to close your eyes and picture those feelings and how they run through your body. Feel the happiness within yourself, feel the passion of your desires.

Exercise Two: Make a mental note of those pictures and the feelings associated with them. Commit to going back to that place at least once a day. Commit to a certain time either in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening to dedicate 15 minutes to going back to that place of feeling in your body. By doing so you will be dreaming a little dream each and every day and eventually that dream will be in your life.

Regards, Richard Colby McFadden www.stormridercoaching.com
(Thanks Colby!)

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