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We are able to look at these stamina trainings which are in the light of the biochemistry.The main idea of this partThe stamina training must keep to the objective laws in order to arrive at the desired results.This part is mainly discussing the issues of the energy supplements, supersession and the other foundations are related with the training of stamina. There are also some other discussions in this part. In addition, these discussions are about the recovery of stamina training, the assessments of trainings’ effects and the methods for improving fitness’s nutrition.One of targets in the training of stamina is to improve the body power with the improvements of metabolism adaptation for organism. The improvement of stamina is a complex process.The sport is one kind of stimulation for people. With the effect of this kind of irritation, the composition of our body is able to make flexible chances. In addition, the capacity of metabolism is able to get improvements. In the meantime, it will offer enhance for the adjustment abilities. So that it could show the improvements for body power to take trainings.We ought to be faced up with these questions, when we are taking trainings for body force. That is to how to come true the improvements and preservation for the fitness of body movement with taking trainings.We ought to grasp fundamental laws in the course of taking training with body force, which are the materials along with energy metabolism and the changes of body functions. In addition, it is able to make plans for taking trainings reasonably. Next, the right selection for training methods is also important. In this way, we just could come true the targets of training in an effective way.There are abilities for actions to be metabolism foundation.The abilities of material and energy metabolism of body are the key factors for body power. They are also able to determine all kinds of abilities of movements and functional level for body.It is able to divide the body energy metabolism into three systems, which is according with the studies about biochemistry. For instance, they are the system of phosphate energy supplement, the system of glycols energy supplement and the system of aerobic oxidation energy supplement.When we are taking trainings, there will be contractions for the skeletal muscle for body. These three energy supplements systems are able to supple energy for the muscle cells and these cells could obtain energy with resolving the energy substance.



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