Nike Free 3.0 v4 — Overview and Comparison

A significant redesign for the 3.0; Nike Lunar Spider and Lunar Elite shoes included for comparison.

5’6″ 118 pounds
sub-18 5K
36m 10K
81m half-marathon

I had been a Free 3.0 fan since version one was released several years ago. I liked the flexibility, comfort, weight and fashion of the shoe. However, as I get older and learn more about my running, and how I get injured, I realize that I have developed tendonitis in my knees whenever I have used these shoes too much, particularly on paved hills. I also have been growing out of heel-to-toe drop shoes and prefer zero-drop shoes these days.

The shoe makes a great fashion statement. Indeed, with the low build quality, it is best as a fashion statement and not as an everyday trainer. I recommend keeping the shoe in rotation with several other trainers for your everyday training. Avoid hills and cement with these shoes.