[SUB] What's NEW at IKEA/ Sustainable, Versatile & Stylish IKEA Kitchen Products/ Vin Chaud Recipe

Hello, it is nelhee from nelheehouse.
Today’s video is about my recent shopping haul at IKEA!
I am sharing some IKEA kitchen items, including new arrivals, that are so versatile and have so much potential!
I hope you all enjoy my video and find it helpful!

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■■■ P R O D U C T S / 제 품 정 보 ■■■
♥ LJUDLOS Tea infuser ($2.99) 유들뢰스 차 거름망 (₩2,900)
♥ VARDAGEN Carafe with Lid ($3.99) 바르다겐 유리병 (₩3,900)
♥ UNDERSOKA Insulated Steel Flask ($7.99) 운데르쇠카 휴대용 보온 머그컵 (₩9,900)
♥ ENKELSPARIG Water Bottle ($4.99) 엥켈스포리그 물병 (₩5,900)
♥ DAGKLAR Jar with Insert ($3.99) 닥클라르 유리병 + 스테인리스 인서트 (₩4,900)
♥ SKYNKE Shopping Bag ($1.29) 슁케 장바구니 북극곰패턴 (₩1,500)
♥ RODEBY Armrest Tray ($14.99) 뢰데뷔 팔걸이 트레이 (₩19,900)
♥ FLADDRIG Lunch Bag ($1.29) 플라드리그 도시락 가방 (₩1,000)
♥ APTITLIG Chopping Board 17 ¾x11 ” ($9.99) 압티틀리그 도마 (₩12,900)
♥ EGENTLIG French Press Coffee Maker ($19.99) 에겐틀리그 프렌치프레스 커피메이커 (₩24,900)
♥ GODAFTON LED Tealight ($5.99/6 pack) 몽나드 LED 미니양초 (₩5,500/6개)
♥ PLATTBOJ Lithium Battery CR2032 ($3.49/8 pack) 플라트보이 리튬전지 CR2032 ((₩2,500/8개)

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