The company has partnered with Samsung to create a new and
stylish device, The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani. Like any other phone
created, it will have some flaws, or may lack a feature or two, but this will
not overshadow the sleek design of the device.

The first feature of the device that will be noticeable by consumers is the outer-body
of the phone. One of the main differences in this phone when compared to any
other smart phone is the back of the phone and the name on the front. The name
“Giorgio Armani” displayed boldly and proudly on the front and on the
back of the phone, users will notice a different texture than on most phones.
For those that can afford the phone, they should take the chance at owning one
of the world’s first fashion based smart phones. 

While this phone is made by a fashion designer, the specs of the phone are
quite impressive and will not disappoint users. One of the best things about
this phone is the speed. The phone is equipped with a 1GHz Cortex A8
Hummingbird platform that utilizes 512 MB of RAM to allow users the freedom to
download applications and surf the web without slowing down the phone. The
phone also has a 7.2 Mbps download speed that allows users the chance to load
videos and download applications within minutes or even seconds depending on
the signal strength.

Some other features that are notable on the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani are
the camera, screen size, resolution and the internal storage. The camera on
this phone is capable of taking 5MP resolution photos and capturing video in
720p high resolution. For the average video and picture taker, this phone
supplies the basic everyday needs. The screen size of the phone is 4 inches and
has a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels which provides a great quality screen
image but is the perfect size for users that want high-resolution images on the
phone. The phone also comes pre-installed with 16GB of memory for users to
store their apps and other media on.

In my opinion, this phone is well made and has identical features that are
found on just about any other smart phone but with the added bonus of the
Giorgio Armani branding. Overall, this phone is very well-made and since it is
a custom brand phoneArticle Search, there are not many people that will be able to take pleasure
in saying that they own it.

The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani has the same impressive spec list that encouraged over 10 million buyers to part with their cash when buying the original Galaxy S. However it has received the Giorgio Armani treatment on the
outside, with a completely redesigned handset. It now has a more angular and
sleek appearance, with bold branding on the front of the phone and a stylish
carbon fibre finish. 


The manufacturers seem to have hit the nail on the head, and
have come up with the perfect product to dominate the luxury smartphone market.
But it’s not just the aesthetics and branding that make the Samsung Galaxy S
Giorgio Armani such an appealing phone; its spec list is every bit as
impressive as the majority of the smartphones currently available.


This is a smartphone which boasts a fantastic multimedia
experience. It has a versatile internal media player which supports numerous
music and video file formats such as MP3 and MP4. The handset comes with a 4
inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which does a great job of displaying
photos and videos. Up to 16 million individual colours are displayed within the
screen’s pixel layout of 480x 800. Therefore the resulting images of the camera
are also displayed in fantastic clarity and detail. The camera is a 5 megapixel
offering located on the back of the handset. The camera operates at 2592x 1944
pixels, and comes with touch focus, autofocus, as well as face & smile
detection. HD video footage can be shot thanks to 720p video capture. DLNA is
also provided to allow wireless streaming of your handiwork to any compatible
HD TV. Therefore you can view your videos on the big screen in full HD, the way
it was meant to be. To store any videos and photos you take, the Samsung Galaxy
S Giorgio Armani caters for the vast majority of users with an ample 16GB of
internal storage. Should further storage be requires, there is also a microSD
slot on hand to accommodate additional storage of up to 32GB.


In order to browse the internet, the handset relies
primarily on 3G coverage, whereby an HSDPA connection provides download speeds
of up to 7.2 Mbps. An enhanced web connection can be achieved however, thanks
to full Wi-Fi connectivity. This provides a faster and more reliable connection
whenever users have the appropriate access to local wireless networks.